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Housing Program

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Housing Program

Communities United, Inc., launched in 1999 as a non-profit organization under the leadership of founding president, Ms. Hattie Willis. It is the mission of Communities United, Inc. to be a beacon of hope and help who brings persons and families into redemptive and restorative relationships so that their capacity to thrive and become positive contributors in the larger society is strengthened by number and sustained through socio-economical astuteness. We fulfill our mission as we reach and teach, equip and empower, forgive and reconcile in a safe, clean and healthy environment thru the efforts in (resilient) long-term recovery.

“Seniors First Disaster Preparedness Program serves as an advocate for impoverished and marginalized residents. “Senior’s First” mission in partnership with Miami Dade County, City of Miami. City of Miami Gardens, C.O.R. E., F.R.I.E.N.D.S, T.O.B. (The Table of Brotherhood) and other community organizations is to provide resources and social services needed before, during and after any disaster.

Our main objective is to nurture the whole while we satisfy the individual needs of those, we have the pleasure of serving. We strive to educate and train our churches, our neighborhood associations, and our communities on the importance of preparedness through outreach, disaster awareness, and community engagement.