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About Us

Our Mission

It is the mission of Communities United, Inc. to be a beacon of hope and help that brings persons and families into redemptive and restorative relationships so that their capacity to thrive and become positive contributors in the larger society is strengthened by number and sustained through socio-economical astuteness.


Our Cause

Under the parentage of Communities United, Inc. are three initiatives: Seniors First, The Table of Brotherhood and The C.I.R.C.L.E.

Our Inception

Communities United Inc., a not-for-profit organization birthed in the underbelly of an impoverished community to provide resources of outreach and education, has been steered by the masterful and steadfast leadership of its Founding President, Ms. Hattie Willis.

Our Story

Our Founder Hattie Willis

Ms. Hattie Willis is a compassionate, dedicated and committed visionary who advocates for the impoverished constituents in the Greater Miami Area. She has been actively seeking assistance for seniors and youth long before she became founder of Communities United, Inc., in 1995. Her legacy as a catalyst for change initially began with the inception of the Little Haiti Revitalization Task Force wherein the community received a “make-over” that included the installation of sidewalks, improvement of streets, beautification of service roads, a re-zoning to be “kid-friendly,” rebuilding of Buena Vista Park and Toussaint L’Ouverture Park, a newly constructed Little Haiti Park, and a recycle project where 700 tons of trash was collected between 1999-2003! Ms. Willis continues to be diligent in her drive to insure that her constituents receive the same services as other areas and to live in beautiful neighborhoods. Communities United, Inc. oversees various programs and projects such as: Seniors First, Neighborhood in Bloom (54th Street and 6th Avenue Butterfly Garden, Mural Tribute to Athur Teele and landscaping along I-95 Service Roads), Table of Brotherhood, Project Bridge, and Collaborative Initiative to Reach, Cover, Lead, and Empower (C.I.R.C.L.E.). Additionally, she has partnered with Miami21, CARFOUR, and C.O.R.E. in her diligence to utilize resources with similar objective; mainly, serving seniors and youth. Presently, Ms. Willis served on the Board of Directors as the former Treasurer for the Belafonte Tacolcy Center, Inc. She has served on several Boards which included: the Homeland Defense Neighborhood Improvement Bond (5 years), Little Haiti YMCA, Little Haiti Park Working Group, and the Citizen Advisory Committee of the Homeland Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). In the midst of all her commitments, she volunteers instructional services to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start a business and educates constituents on disaster preparedness. Ms. Willis maintains a fortitude and tenacious spirit that epitomizes the motto of Communities United, Inc., where her efforts continue to ignite the driving force that keeps “a strong wind blowing sweeping through the streets of Miami-Dade County!”